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Safely explore the Electric City as you view all the incredible designs our neighbors have created!  Below is a list of the downtown and hill section locales and keep scrolling for a full, digital map! 



AFA Gallery   101 Penn Ave

B's Floral Design  131 Penn Ave

Backyard Ale House  523 Linden Street

Burlap & Bourbon   530 Spruce Street

Center City Print   119 Penn Ave

Duffy Accessories    218 Linden Street

Jack Williams Tire   119 Linden Street

Lackawanna Historical Society     232 Monroe Ave

Marywood Display          340 N. Washington Ave

New Laundry              127 North Washington Ave.

Northern Light Espresso Bar and Cafe            536 Spruce Street

Noteology         401 Spruce St

O’Malley & Langan Law Office       201 Franklin Avenue

POSH @ The Scranton Club      404 North Washington Avenue

Runway Boutique    128 N. Washington Avenue

Scranton Chamber of Commerce        222 Mulberry Street

Scranton Running   Company       3 W Olive Street

Scranton Tomorrow          307 Linden Street

Scranton Tomorrow Pop Up Selfie Station      507 Linden Street

SPACE @ Olive (Meals on Wheels)            541 Wyoming Ave

The Bog              341 Adams Ave

The Leonard Theatre         335 Adams Ave

The Workshop       334 Adams Ave.

Yoga West           535 Linden Street


Harry Potter Block -- 700 North Irving Ave. 

Art In Bloom at Everhart Museum -- 1901 Mulberry Street

 515 Arthur Ave.

908 Prescott Ave.

1216 E Gibson Street

848 Clay Ave.

910 Taylor Ave, Apt. 3

825 Jefferson Ave.

941 N. Irving Ave.

621 Wheeler Ave.

627 Wheeler Ave.

1044 Taylor Ave. 

744 Wheeler Ave.  

1616 E Gibson Street 

The map below is color coded by section 

BLUE (Downtown Scranton)

YELLOW (Hill Section)

GREEN (Greenridge & Pinebrook) 

RED (West Scranton) 

PURPLE (South Scranton & East Mountain)

ORANGE (North Scranton)

GRAY (Outside the City) 

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